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The Jaguar F-Pace is an important vehicle for the brand, it comes up against its sister company Land Rover in the SUV sector and the company sees its key rival as the Porsche Macan, the big advantage it is a cheaper option. The entry-level Ingenium-engined model starts from £34,170, rising to £51,450 for the top-spec V6 S petrol or diesel, the F-Pace packs most of the Macan’s punch at a cheaper price. It also has a lot of equipment as standard, plus a variety of options for you to style it as you wish, one of these options is mood lighting in ten different colours! The car looks great, nice that there were four models on display in different spec and colours, the Italian Racing Red will probably be the most popular colour as it did look stunning in the aerodrome.

The F-Pace will hit the showrooms in Spring and I suspect will draw on the legion of loyal Land Rover customers as its styling is sportier and more dramatic then the Discovery Sport, whether it has the four wheel drive capability is a big question, Jaguar is branding this as a sports utility vehicle, and with the majority of people just mounting the pavement in there four wheel drives it probably won't create too much of a problem. Jaguar is finally making the grade as a premium brand among the likes of Audi, BMW and Porsche. It all started three years back with the stunning F-Type sports car and continues through the range with the XE, XJ and now the F-Pace, can't wait to drive it.
BLOG 2016