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The Citroen DS4 carries on with the French firm’s mission to make DS a car brand in its own right. It remains a model sat between a Nissan Juke and Qashqai in both size and price/ The model I drove starts at £24,000. The range has 33 different colour options so you can really go to town and personalise your Crossover, I liked the rustic orange metallic, especially as it gave a modern twist on the Bulkhead sculptures rustic tones. The new Crossback model, which aims to take a swipe at the crossover market with a 30mm hike in ride height and practical plastic trim and roof bars. The car remains a front-drive hatch, with six engines available. There are three diesels, the most frugal dipping under 100g/km, and three petrols. Over 115,000 DS4s have been sold since its 2010 introduction, though, so there’s undoubtedly a fanbase for up market hatchbacks.

The photos were taken with two flash units, the 500 watt Profit B1 that is my car photography default lighting set up and an SB910 speed light. As it was a bright day the lighting filled in the shaded areas and also gave a pinch of light to the black alloy wheels. I used predominantly the 24-70mm lens, the 24mm wide end gave a great angle for the front DS badge on the grill shown at the foot of the montage. After the shoot I drove up to a commercial photography assignment in Maidstone, a good chance to drive the car. The higher seating position and ride height makes for a comfortable and safe driving experience, as usual with Citroen the diesel engine pulls where it needs to and sounds refined, plus great economy at 56mpg. The car is never going to compete with the Range Rover Evokes of this world as it has no off road capability, from my experience most people with 4WD's only ever mount the pavement anyway, so you could have a cheaper alternative with great specification for a lot less money.

To see the Citroen DS4 Crossover in the flesh and arrange a test drive please contact Barretts Citroen on 01227 828999
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