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As I was going to be covering the public house photography on a busy Friday evening I travelled light, Nikon D4S with the superb prime 50mm art lens from Sigma, with an aperture of 1.4 it would produce some great atmospheric images, combined with the exceptional high ISO capability of the full frame flagship Nikon it would make a nice change to running around with two cameras and a mix of lenses.

The six pubs were included the recently refurbished Monument pub and the traditional Bishops Finger Inn which has always been a popular location due to its proximity to the train station. All of the pubs were busy with a mix of students and couple enjoying a well deserved drink at the end of a busy week. The 50mm Sigma prime worked perfectly and on a full frame camera makes you work to get the image your after, a mix of interior lighting worked for me and against me at times, some images were used with spot metering to diffuse the busy background lighting. Very impressed with the 50mm and think it is going to stay on the D4S for the foreseeable future.
BLOG 2016