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There were two purposes for todays car photography shoot of the Range Rover Evoque, one to continue my automotive weekly sessions and secondly to provide some promotional images for Barretts Land Rover for a forthcoming photography workshop that I will be running alongside Land Rover's Hibernot winter campaign.

The location was a rural working farm just outside of Herne in Canterbury, I had known of the site for a few months and the Evoque would be perfect for the setting. There were loads of buildings to use as backdrops and also to frame the car, the Dynamic version was in metallic white and rather then getting the cleaning materials out to keep the car shining for the photos I took the opposite approach and drove it through a series of puddles, the mud added an edge to the car and fitted in with the Hibernot imagery required. The photos will be used by Barretts Land Rover Kent on social media for the Hibernot campaign and also to promote the 2016 model year Evoque.

The Evoque has always been a good car to drive, with the added driver aids and new seat design it is comfier then ever, the weather today was wet and very windy but the car didn't feel any of it, the high seating position also gives you confidence in terms of being in control of the road ahead and I can imagine on a long journey would be the consummate all rounder, great off road ability, plenty of rear passenger space and an ample boot, plenty of space for suitcases, skis and photography gear.
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