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This evening I was covering the photography at Eastwell Manor for the Stop Hunter who were running a seminar in trading within the financial markets. The Stop Hunter trains people how to trade within the financial markets with an experienced, qualified, professional trader, to gain all the knowledge and confidence they need to succeed. Steve Hoad set the business up to give his years of experience in the market to people who were eager to know how to get in to the world of stocks and shares.

The photography brief was to cover a variety of portraits of Steve and also him in action running the seminar to an audience at the stunning surroundings of Eastwell Manor just outside of Ashford in Kent. The portraits were taken with a Nikon D4S and 50mm 1.4 Sigma art lens, lit with the Profoto B1 flash, with the ambient light of the historic buildings behind the settings were a mixture of fast shutter speeds with a shallow depth of filed and a low ISO, this then dropped the background levels low to give a more atmospheric image. Inside durings Steve's seminar the Nikon D810 was fitted with the 70-200mm lens, subdued lighting meant that the ISO was up to 3200, with the quality of the sensor on the full frame camera the noise is hardly noticeable and there was a nice warmth to the photos, I have mentioned this before but the 810 really does produce 35mm film like tones.
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