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I had been booked to give a talk about my career as a professional photographer to the Parkwood Camera club in Medway around 6 months ago now, the brief was to run through a series of images highlighting the challenges for each image and some technical details of the automotive ad commercial photographs taken in the UK and Europe. It is always difficult highlighting your favourite images, as sometimes these can be the easiest photos taken, so I went through my archives and covered a range of automotive, commercial and press photography that I had undertaken in my eleven years as a professional photographer based in Canterbury.

Although it was minus 2 outside on a Winters evening there were still over sixty people in attendance, I also covered the various photography courses that I cover and the equipment that I have used over the years. The end of the evening was then opened up for a question and answers session which covered various settings on images and post production techniques. If you are looking to join a camera club in the Medway area of Kent then I thoroughly recommend the Parkwood Camera Club, they meet every Monday and have a great group of photographers as well as a superb modern venue. More information can be found at
BLOG 2016