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The 911 Carrera S cabriolet that I photographed at Porsche Tonbridge comes out to £110,000 with options, the car had the PDK gearbox which in sports plus mode will launch the car from 0-60 in 4.1 seconds and produces 420 bhp. The 20" RS Spyder design wheels really set the car off with an aggressive stance, perfectly balanced against the cars iconic design that hasn't changed a great deal from the original template first introduced in 1963.

I covered the photography around the dealership in Tonbridge, there was a large barn which worked well for the static images of the 911, for me the car looks great with the hood down, it also sets of the rear arches off nicely. I used the Profoto B1 flash to light the car, against the white paintwork it lifts the car against the dark backdrop. I finished off the car photography shoot at Porsche Tonbridge with the Carrera S against the showroom, the stainless still and large expnqse of glass give a modern twist to the photos, a contrast against the barn and exposed brick walls. with white cars I always tend to over expose slightly, just to lift the car against the backdrop, the addition of the Profoto light also helps, just brightening up the alloy wheels and defining the 911's edges.

Many thanks to Porsche Tonbridge, the new 911 is available to view at there showroom now and is a stunning car, whether in coupe or cabriolet guise.
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