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I have mentioned about the BMW M4 in previous posts so will cover more about the car photography shoot that took place at the Strand in Medway, just outside of Gillingham. The Yas Marina blue paintwork of the M4 is stunning and on a cold and damp day the location had to compliment the car, the blue of the grillwork of the building in the backdrop worked so well with the cars vibrant metallic paintwork. Lighting for the static shots was courtesy of the Profit B1, it lights the front of the car up perfectly allowing for detail in the air intakes and a kick of light on the black alloy wheels. I only used one lens today which was the 105mm Nikon F2.8 macro lens, not just perfect for detail but full frame images of the car.

Due to the wet weather there were a few large puddles in the area that e use, worked we'll for some nice reflection images, again the B1 light picked out the details in the reflections. The paintwork in certain lights looks like a matt colour, it is in fact metallic and the lighting had t be just right so that it gave a nice contrast to the colours. The M4 shown here has just been released as a 2016 model year so it does have a few minor tweaks to the previous version, the light silverstone leather really compliment the vibrant blue in this 425 BHP twin turbo coupe.
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