BLOG 2016


A mix of photography during the week prior to Christmas saw me cover corporate portraits, car showroom photography and a Christmas party for a Canterbury based business...
The black and white portrait is of brothers Will and Adam Geering, I am currently covering some commercial work for them and they were after some portraits of them outside of the business. Adam's home provided the backdrop and he had shown me an iconic Times magazine photos of the Kennedy brothers, it was taken in the White House so my interpretation in his cottage was going to be a bit of a compromise! As the original photo was a silhouette against a large window I had to improvise, by using a flash off camera behind the brothers and underexposing it created a moodier portrait. The advantage of shooting in RAW on a DSLR is that you can pull back the under exposed areas to retain detail, the D810 has bags of this available.

The next job was at Wilmoths Citroen in Crayford, the photographs were needed for a new Facebook business profile. I covered a range of staff portraits, car showroom photographs and some abstract images of the Citoren cars, ideal for web banners and good for backdrops on other social media platforms.

The evening job was a corporate Christmas dinner for Canterbury based Ethos Corporate, they wanted there annual party documented, I covered the with fellow photographer Nick Simmo as they wanted some studio set up photos after the formal dinner. The setting was the stunning Eastwell Manor in Ashford which is always a pleasure to cover event photography at.