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My friend had been loaned the Cayman S as his 911 was in for a service at Porsche Tonbridge, the photograph will be used by the dealer for social media use. The first day back in the office meant I didn't have the luxury of being able to spend a lot of time with the car (editing, e-mails and accounts!), I did have a Cayman for the day last year where more time was spent, plus I got to drive the car, as you would expect these cars are perfectly balanced and look the part as well, no longer is the new generation Cayman seen as a poor relation to its bigger brother the 911.

The key to the photos today was to show off the Sapphire blue metallic, most sports cars are in red, grey or black so a new colour really makes the car pop out of the photos. Location wise we used Thornden Woods, a stretch of road and country park that sits in between Canterbury and Herne Bay, it has plenty of sweeping bends and with the early morning rain leaving a gloss to the tarmac it gave a great look to the overall car photographs. As mentioned above not a great deal of time so the D4S was paired with the 70-200mm lens, tracking was perfect on a sweeping band and the speeds that were carried through were sedate, due to the tight roads and also traffic, shutter speed set to 1/100th of a second to show the wheels with movement but retaining sharp detail in the car.
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