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The new BMW 7 series saloon is lighter and stronger then the previous model as it has a revolutionary carbon core, this reduces weight allowing the car more pace and driving dynamics then you would expect for a large car. The car is full of technological firsts, including gesture control where you can swipe through menus just by moving your hand from left to right, changing the volume control by rotating your finger and if ticked on the option box parking the car by the key whilst you are outside of the vehicle. The car is finished to such a high standard inside and the inclusion of ivory nappa leather on the 730d really finishes the cabin off, on the journey to Brooklands museum I tried out the massage seats, you can opt for a variety of treatments whilst on your journey, a little strange at first but resting your head against the sumptuous head rests really does create a relaxing environment.

The car to drive is a joy, full of torque due to the powerful three litre diesel engine and with superb sound proofing you are oblivious to the winter conditions outside of the vehicle, the car has various drive settings with adaptive being the choice for the journey, this allows the car to respond to a variety of surfaces creating the best ride possible. As I was covering a fashion shoot at Brooklands I didn't have a great deal of time to get a great deal of photos so will revisit the 7 series another time in a suitably plush surroundings, if you are in the market for a great looking and refined limo then take a drive of the 7 series, you won't be disappointed. Prices start at £64,530, please contact BMW Ashford on 01233 500555
BLOG 2015