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The Reverend Canon Christopher Irvine welcomed the audience to what was going to be an entertaining and moving service. I have covered this event for a few years now and knew that lighting wise it was going to be a challenge, I also had limited scope to move around due to the audience covering most of the Cathedrals seating.

The D4S and 70-200mm done most of the hard work with the aid of a Manfrotto monopod, this added to stability and with the image stabiliser on the lens gave me workable shutter speeds, the high ISO on the D4 is superb and generally ISO 4000 was the norm, another body with the 24-70mm lens provided some wider scenic images of the vast interior of the Cathedral. When the candles were being lit I did push up the ISO to 8000, at 2.8 aperture and fast shutter speeds of 1/125 plus this made sure their was not shake in the images at all at the 200mm end of the lens. Due to the quality of this cameras sensor the images were still smooth and detailed without any noticeable noise, the silent shutter modes on the D4S and D810 also made the photography even more discrete during the carol service.
BLOG 2015