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The St Edmund's senior school production was set in 1916 and was based around the adventures of one off its pupils who wanted to serve in the war, the play was brilliantly scripted by Jon Dagley, a teacher at the school and brought a sense of history and atmosphere with its stunning painted backdrops. The drama played out to packed out audiences over the four nights and was a real test of the Nikon D4S to capture the drama due to a mixture of atmospheric lighting.

The majority of photos were underexposed between 2/3 to 2 stops on some occasions, this was due to the dark background and lit cast, the top image was actually 2 1/3 under this then retained detail in the subjects face where the bright torch was positioned. ISO on the D4S was 1600 in most cases, giving a fast shutter speed to maintain sharp photos. The school will use the images across printed and digital media as well as the news page on there website.
BLOG 2015