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The Nikon 300mm f/4E PF ED VR measures just 5.8 by 3.5 inches (HD), weighs 1.7 pounds, and supports 77mm front filters. Those are pretty modest measurements for a telephoto prime, to have a lens with this focal range that can easily fit in a camera bag mounted to a camera body along with another SLR and brace of lenses is quiet something. The feel and size of the 300mm lens made me feel a bit unsure initially about the purchase of it, I made the purchase after having a brief test of it at Nikon's training school in London just over a week ago, it focused quickly and produced clean and smooth images.

The first test of the lens was at a conference for Christ Church University, previously I wouldn't have thought of taking the Canon 300mm lens, although light it was a large lens and 300mm always seemed a bit too much for this type of event. With the reach of the lens though it allowed me to take tight close ups of the speakers from a distance, although at F4 I had to push the ISO up to 4000 the sensors of the D4S still produces superb images, smooth skin tones and very natural colour balance. With the large lens hood on the 30mm I won't be using a filter on it as the hood will stay on the telephoto prime.

The 300mm Nikon telephoto lens is the baby to the super fast 300mm F2.8 telephoto, this weights just under 3 kilograms whereas the smaller prime is 755 grammes, for my work where I need to travel lightly and with quiet a bit of kit the smaller (and cheaper) F4 is a great addition to my kit bag, plus its size means that it will get used on a lot of events, including sport and wildlife trips. If I did have the £3500 to spend on the bigger lens (as opposed to £1600) I wouldn't make the switch, the F4 is fast enough for most use, and especially for sport where I wouldn't be shooting below 5.6 anyway. This lens has just been released and is a worthy addition to any photographers camera bag.
BLOG 2015