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Drawing on her own work in high-profile campaigns, from privacy laws to anti-terror legislation, Shami's talk expanded upon the threats to our democratic institutions and why our rights are paramount in upholding democracy. The sold out audience were captivated by her views and reflections on the current state of the world, past and present.

The venue for the public lecture took place at the impressive Augustine Hall lecture theatre, the brief was to capture the lecture and to show the audience from a variety of views. The photography took place just under a two hour period and using the 300mm for the speaker provided a good distance for me away from the stage without being too intrusive, plus the silent mode on the Nikons is whisper quiet. The other lens I used was the 24-70mm, this gave some nice scene images of the theatre and also worked well for Shami's book signing at the end of the lecture. The publicity photographs will be used on the Univeristy website as well as press and the Various digital and print outlets that Christ Church have.
BLOG 2015