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The conference took place at the Japanese Chaucer College which is in the grounds of Kent University, the event was run with the events team at Innovation Creative Enterprise and HIVE. The audience listened to talks from Hilary Steel, Editor of Kent Women in Business magazine, Amanda Cottrell OBE and chairman of Visit Kent and other business women from the banking, fashion and employment world. The photography brief was to cover the keynote speakers, networking and audience engaged in some inspired and motivational talks from the business women.

The lecture theatre at Chaucer College is large and gave me plenty of room to move around discretely, the 70-200mm lens was fixed to the D4S the whole time, with limited light available I used ISO settings from 1600-400, the quality of the sensor on the full frame Nikon produced clean and noise free files throughout, plus its silent mode is silent, not like the sledgehammer sound of the Canon 1DX! The public speakers photographs from the conference will be used on the Universities website and also on social media and press outlets.
BLOG 2015