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The 2 litre diesel car that I drove was the X Line spec it has four-wheel drive and, at £33,680, in the middle of the range, it’s expected to be the biggest seller. It’s powered by the 2.0-litre diesel that appears in so many other BMWs – and for good reason, as this is a strong engine. It musters 188bhp and a healthy 400Nm of torque, allowing the X1 to get from 0-62mph in a credible 7.6 seconds. The car comes with the ZF eight speed gearbox as standard and all gear changes are smooth and seamless, perfect for this type of family orientated vehicle. The car is always pulling at low revs and feels like a hatchback, a great recommendation considering its weight and size.

The X1 competes with the aging Audi Q3, Range Rover Evoque and the Mercedes GLA. For me the Evoque still leads the pack in terms of styling , especially in the sporty three door variant, having said that the Beemer feels solid and i'm sure will age better over a prolonged time. The car has impressive off road ability and always feels as if its in full control of the situation, some wet and muddy country side roads provided a good test for the car. Fair to say that most of the SUV's these days only challenge is mounting a kerb outside of a school, but if you need it to do something more challenging it will relish the challenge.

For the photos I needed to stay fairly local to Broad Oak BMW as Rob who was driving for the motion photos only had a limited amount of time, knowing the area is always an advantage and the murky weather provided a nice rugged feel to the images. Prior to the off orad images we used the paved roads of Ashford town centre as a clean backdrop, a nice contrast to the country car photographs.

To see and take a test drive in the BMW X1 please contact Broad Oak BMW on 01233 500555
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