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Since 1997 Honda has produced a Type R model in each guise of the family hatchback Civic, a performance hot hatch that was stripped back for performance and focused for precision driving. The type R has just need introduced in the fourth generation model Civic which is the most powerful and track focused car the Japanese manufacturer has produced in a long time.

Today I worked with friend and photographer Nick Simmonds in producing a group photo of all four generation Civic Type R's, the car photography took place just outside of Manston airport in Kent and as luck would have it we had sourced four different colours. The second and third generation models were easily sourced, but the very first R was a little trickier, we wanted it as original as possible and through the wonder of social media we sourced one. Next step was to get everybody together and also to line up a day that fitted in with everyone, plus the weather needed to be on our side.

The photo shoot took place on Saturday morning and as usual the forecast was wrong, heavy rain had been predicted but as luck would have it we had sunshine and some autumnal gusts of wind, perfect for the group photo. The final car to finish the puzzle was the brand new Type R, kindly lent to me by Barretts Honda, now fully run in the 306 bhp car is so focuSed in terms of steering and straight line speed that this will be seen as much of a classic as the original is now.

The group photo was taken with the Nikon D810 and 14-24mm lens attached, the extra width of the zoom gave me enough space to crop in once the cars were lined up. The other incidental car photos were taken with the D4S and new Sigma 50mm 1.4 art lens, supremely sharp and great to use, as any prime lens should be. A mix of natural and artificial light was used, as ever by the dependable and flexible Profoto B1 flash.
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