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The company we used was AV8 who are based at Rochester airport in Kent, with years of experience and expertise in this field they were booked the day before, short notice but the photos had to be with the client as soon as possible for a meeting on Monday. I was on board with pilot Dave from AV8 and two of the clients from the company, with the on board microphones they gave the pilot and myself instructions on which areas to photograph and concentrate on.

Kit wise I had two cameras, the D810 with the 24-70mm zoom and the D4S with the ultra wide 14-24mm zoom, the first location was quiet specific areas whereas the second area required some wider landscapes to show a larger expanse of land. Shutter speeds have to be reasonably high as the helicopter is moving all the time, I set this at 1/800th of a second to eliminate any shake, aperture was at F11, from 1000 feet the lenses are focusing at infinity anyway so depth of field wasn't a massive issue.
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