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The Ford Fiesta ST starts from £17,395, the aggressive styling, lower chassis and the ST badge on the large black honeycomb grill, all tell you this is no ordinary car. At 182 PS, 0-62 in 6.9 seconds, 290Nm of torque and a top speed of 139 mph (224 km/h), the car’s performance is beyond question, Steve's car in frozen white with graphite alloys has a great stance to it, and with a derelict building providing the backdrop for the photos. Lighting was by a single SB910 flash gun as the space at the rear of the building was limited, so lighting was just needed to enhance the alloys and the dark front grill.

The new Nikon 24-70mm 2.8 AF-S ED VR lens has literally just been released, and the focal length of the zoom is a must have piece of kit for any photographer due to its wide 24mm focal length and reach at the other end of the zoom range with 70mm. Despite having the longest name of any lens I own, Nikon have produced a solid and sharp piece of kit with the 24-70
it is faster, stronger and steadier than ever, the lens is equipped with Nikon’s latest VR system with four-stops of Image Stabilisation and Nikon’s exclusive Silent Wave Motor (SWM). The image stabilisation system used in a commercial shoot in the evening allowed for hand held shots at 1/15th of a second showing that the extras stops aren't just a marketing pitch but actually works in the real world.

As the car photography shoot came to an end there was a nice addition of Guy's modified VW Golf, in R32 bodywork trim and painted in the new BMW M3/4 has marina blue it really did stand out in the urban environment of the old malt house building. I ended up putting the 24-70 lens to the test with some close ups of the Fiesta's interior, natural light used produced some clean and sharp photos at F4.
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