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So after some investigating and getting some prices from various photography dealers I took the plunge and part exchanged all of my Canon camera equipment to Yan and the team at Canterbury Cameras, the price was good and deciding not to change all of the lenses gave me some flexibility, the 300mm lens will have to wait!

I had two Canon 1DX's, in the past these 1D's have been bullet proof, but each camera had some issues, switching off intermittently which Canon Pro Network rectified in a couple of days wasn't too much of an issue but with the camera only being a few months old and costing just under £5,000 it didn't give me a great deal of confidence. So like for like or mixing it up a bit? The Nikon D4S is the equivalent of the 1DX so was the first option, rugged, a fast shutter count and a 16.2 megapixel FX sensor, 11 frames per second and stunning high ISO performance it ticked all the boxes for an all round day to day camera. The next option and one I went for was the Nikon D810, the 36.3 megapixel sensor boasts superior quality, high ISO performance and the Expeed 4 image processor (same as D4S) to produce stunning imagery. The previous D800 when it came out was criticised as it only produced sharp images in studio scenarios, Nikon admitted that the camera was aimed at the fashion/product market and consequently struggled to shift the numbers expected. The D810 now has been improved and after using it for a car photography shoot for Munich Legends in the Ashdown Forest I can confirm it is a stunning piece of kit, auto focus performance was 100% never missing a panning shot of the BMW CSL. It also didn't struggle to produce spot on colour rendition of the Chamonix White paintwork, the Canon would produce a warmer tone in the same conditions and focusing would be 8/10 success rate.

The Nikon D4S hasn't had a great deal of use as the 70-200mm lens is fitted to the D810 constantly, the best praise I can give to the D810 is that it produces film style images, clean and cooler colour tones then the Canon and with stunning resolution. On to the D4S, only having used this a few times as the back up body it feels perfect in terms of the grip and layout, it is also lighter then the 1DX. So early days with the Nikon equipment but initial results are superb, well worth the move and having some time off last week gave me the chance to set the cameras up to my own customisation. Only criticism is that the dual card slots of both full frame cameras have a different card set up, the D810 has compact flash and SD whilst the D4S has a compact flash and an XQD card, unique it appears to Nikon. Minor issues but with a selection of lenses including the 14-24mm wide angle zoom there will be more reviews of the Nikon camera equipment over the next few weeks.
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