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I have been covering digital photography courses at Brooklands Museum in Surrey for over four years now, the fashion ones always prove really popular as it is a chance for the photographers attending to get some great portrait images for there portfolios. Today Sophie, Laura and Abbie were resplendent in a mix 0f 1930's to 60's rockabilly looks giving a mixture of looks and styles for the images. I also had two great classic cars on display, A 1970's Aston Martin DBS and a beautiful Triumph TR6, many thanks to Angela and Philip for bringing these two stunning vehicles along to Brooklands.

There were six photographers on today's course, the majority had not done any model photography before so today gave them a chance to capture three different looking models against the cast range of backdrops at Brooklands. The key for the course is to think more about composition, lighting and posing the girls. The aid of a reflector was a big part of today's portraits,a small investment for a lighting aid that makes a massive difference to the overall image. The models had a variety of different outfits for the day, along with some great make up work by Loren this created a wide range of portraits for the photographers to capture on the course. All of the photos shown on the montage were taken with the aid of a reflector, I can not stress how much this simple lighting aid can bring to fashion portraiture and by the end of the day the attendees realised its value when they were taking there photographs.

That is the end for this years courses and new dates are now on the training page of this website for 2016, gift vouchers are also available as well as one to one training sessions, these are bespoke so please contact me with your requirements.
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