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Today I visited Munich Legends to photograph owner Dan Norris's stunning BMW E9 3 litre CSL in Chamonix White, although the car was registered in 1974 you would think from its condition it had come out of the factory yesterday. Technician Gary drove the car through some of the winding forest roads that are literally just around the corner from the dealership, the idea was to capture some action photos, static profiles of the CSL's iconic shape and also some detailed images of the interior and exterior.

Now this is for another blog entry, but today was my first assignment with the new Nikon camera gear, D810, 70-200mm and SB910 flashgun in tow. I have had a week in the office setting the camera up, with the menus identical to the 4DS which arrives tomorrow I had set everything up to customise the controls and focusing to my preference. At the end of the day nothing changes when you are taking a photo, whatever the camera. Panning shots taken at 1/160th of a second, slight over exposure just to lift the white paintwork and use of the dynamic focusing system, I tended to stick to the 9 spot set up, bearing in mind the D810 is aimed at portrait and studio photographers its focusing and spped was 100% spot on!

The static car photographs of the BMW E9 were lit with a single SB910 flashgun, high shutter speeds and a shallow depth of field made the background darker and gave an early evening look to the photos, in fact it was around 3pm. The ride of the CSL was superb, the opposite to some of the hard core saloons that we see today which are so geared up for outright performance, the CSL although a large car was compliant on the winding forest roads and the growl from the 3 litre engine really showed off its touring car heritage.
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