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The editorial photography assignment was of Kevin who was a patient at one of the health cares hospitals, after a series of events the staff and care that he received was second to none. The Association of Independent Healthcare Organisation contacted me to do an editorial portrait shoot of Kevin in his home, the images would be used for a magazine that is produced as well as other promotional purposes.

In terms of the brief it was to capture a few images of Kevin in his home, the weather was good with sunshine ablaze in the mid morning sky. I used a reflector and natural light for the interior portraits, and a shallow depth of field, between 2.8 and F4 with the 24-70mm lens, this then gave the designers flexibility to overlay text and headers for the magazine, plus the option of a double page spread. The rear garden of Kevin's home was covered in shade as the sun was facing the front of house, I then lit him with a single speed lite off camera (to my left), this lit the shaded areas nicely and slightly underexposed produced a cool blue sky and nice saturation o the hedges and greenery of the garden.
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