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The Autumn Motor sport day had the rare 1951 212 F1 running at Brooklands Museum and on the track at Mercedes-Benz World. Of the two 212 F1s constructed, this example was based on a Formula 2 car, but fitted with a 2.5-litre V12 engine. The car made its debut in 1951 at the Siracusa Grand Prix by Dorino Serafini and is thought to have also been driven by Luigi Villoresi and Froilan Gonzales.

The Ferrari 212 F1 graced the Mercedes-Benz World track alongside competitors in the British Cross Country Championship, Michael Vardy’s Fiat Isotta Fraschini, Kevin Mason’s Alonso-liveried Formula Nippon and many other stunning competition cars.

The day is always full of stunning cars, even in the car parks and seeing a D Type on the test circuit was a bonus. I generally used the 300mm lens, a powerful prime lens which gives wonderful depth of field at F4, for the other images the 16-35mm lens gave some greats scene images. Again another enjoyable days car photography at Brooklands museum and looking forward to next Sunday's fashion photography course that I will be running.
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