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St Paul's venues facility are a great location for conferences, with a cafe and lounge areas spread around the seminar rooms their was plenty of scope for photographs of the attendees networking and looking at the wide range of trade stands on display.

The photography is very much a case of documenting the days events, this includes the venue, conference rooms, speakers and the attendees, in total there were 29 lectures to cover. The event was sponsored by YBS so it was important to get their branding in to the photographs along with the supporting sponsors, these included global brands Barclays, Equinity and UBS. The range of speakers on the day were from a variety of worldwide companies and they were giving their views on the industry to a variety of attendees on the day. Ben Hunt-Davies MBE also gave a motivational talk on his Olympic gold medal winning success with the British rowing team. My main task was to cover all of the speakers and the breakout sessions that they were covering, this allowed for four sessions to be on the go at the same time, two cameras with the 16-35mm lens fitted for wider room photos and the 135mm F2 prime lens for the tighter images of the speakers and attendees, the lighting was generally very clean and bright but I still used A range of wide open apertures just to throw the background out of focus and to let more ambient light in.
BLOG 2015