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The sustainability seminar took place on Thursday 1st October to a packed audience, the speakers were from some of the biggest brands in the UK and Europe, these included Barclays and Marks and Spencer's. The audience heard about how companies were using there financial resources to be more sustainable to there customers and employees. The photography was to document the days events, these included lectures, question and answer sessions and in the afternoon workshops where the delegates were broken down on to groups with challenges about the future of the industry in an ever changing world.

As usual two cameras and a telephoto zoom and wide angle zoom were used, the overcast sky outside was producing a flat light inside the large room which has floor to ceiling glass walls, some strong sunlight did appear from time to time which made for some nice atmospheric portraits (like the top image of Charles Middleton, MD of Triodos bank UK). The photographs will be used by the IFS for newsletters, press releases and to promote future events.
BLOG 2015