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The Albany in Twickenham is run by Babs and James, an English ans Aussie couple especially apt for todays world cup match between these two rivals. The pub is in Queens Road just a ten minute walk from Twickenham stadium, with Shepherd Neame investing in barnding the pub for the World Cup with Spitfire banners and artwork inside and outside of the pub it was key to get each set of supporters in the photos, one thing with rugby is that all rival supporters are friends and create a great atmosphere. I also took some of the staff serving and with the time available captured some photos of the pub at dusk and from a variety of angles.

I sued the 16-35mm and 24-70mm lenses, the latter being good for the interior images with its shallower depth of field and also the 70mm worked well for more abstract images. The flash was used for the majority of group photos, in manual mode and at IS) 1250 it creates a warmer light rather then just leaving it in auto mode. The evening for me finished just after everyone ascended to the stadium, following the result on the way back home it didn't go our way but I am sure the people I photographed still remained good friends after the game.
BLOG 2015