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There doesn't seem a day that goes by without talk of the refuge crisis at the moment, the politics and International affairs department at Christ Church University had put a series of speakers on for this evenings event to highlight the struggle of the asylum seekers as they try to seek asylum in Europe. Members of charities spoke about the ongoing problems that these families face to try and achieve a better life for themselves.

The brief was to capture the event and each of the four key speakers, at the the end of the lecture two Afghanistan men who came to the UK ten years ago spoke of their fight and struggles to seek refuge in the UK, after all of this time they are still not being looked after and are seen as a number rather then a human being. The talk from these two young men was moving and highlighted the struggles that more of the refugees across the globe face as countries are putting more resistance up against helping there fellow human beings.

As with most lectures the photography has to be in ten background, the perfect lens for this is the 70-200mm, the 1DX in silent mode made life easier and captured each of the speakers abs members of the audience from a distance. The 16-35mm wide angle lens was used for a few images of th packed auditorium.
BLOG 2015