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The Ducati Panigale S super bike is a 205 HP performance motorbike for the road, and track with its myriad of settings to change the modes for road and circuit use. The S version of the Panigale has full LED headlights, some carbon fibre finishes and forged wheels. The sound on start up is loud and on the road it comes alive, looking resplendent in its Italian racing red. The bikes performance would put most super cars to shame, weighing in at under 200 kilos (dry weight 167kg) its power to weight ratio is astonishing, credit to Ian for being able to handle this superbike on the road.

We visited a few locations in Kent around the Medway area, the weather was perfect, and most importantly dry and sunny. As we were moving around frequently I used a single speed lite for additional lighting, very useful against the strong mid morning sunshine. By under exposing the camera in manual mode the flash gun added some extra fill in light to the areas of shadow. The Ducati super bike photography ended with some panning shots, using a shutter speed of 1/125 made the bike look like it was going much faster then it appears.
BLOG 2015