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Kestrel School is based in Crouch Hill, London and is part of Acorn Care education group, I regularly visit the groups schools in the South East on an annual basis to supply them with a fresh supply of photography. The classes are in small numbers so that the teachers can give one to one tuition to the pupils, it is amazing to see each year how they improve in terms of there confidence and learning skills. With the school having a large playground and spacious teaching areas there was plenty of room to move around and capture teaching, playtime and candids of the staff and children. The weather was full of rain but this didn't stop the pupils from playing at break time, as it turned to a light shower I got some great portraits and action photos at Kestrel School.

Having visited the school in London of numerous occasions for photography now I knew that working with two cameras with prime lenses fitted would be the best option, the 50mm F1.2 and 135mm F2 gave me plenty of natural light to work with and good ranges for close up and further away photographs. The school photographs taken in London will be used by Acorn Education and Kestrel School for there websites and marketing materials, internally and externally.
BLOG 2015