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It is always the case that when you want to photograph something for yourself you never quiet get the chance, after cleaning the car in to the early hours of the previous evening I was all set to photograph the BMW M235i at Brooklands prior to a fashion shoot with model Sophie Ball. I had a couple of hours to use the stunning backdrop of Brooklands, as I was on my own I had to keep on tweaking the position of the car and getting the precise angle as I was using the Profoto B1 flash and a second speed lite for some extra fill in light. The M235i is a coupe with 327 ps provided by a 3.0 litre turbo 6 cylinder engine, my previous car was the hatchback version, the M135i. After driving all of the competition (RS3, Golf R, Merc A45 AMG, Type R) the Beemer still provided the most fun and performance, plus the 6 cylinder engine sounds superb.

As I have been photographing at Brooklands for five years now I wanted to try some different angles, obvious choice is to use Concorde, which I did but as the light was flat it didn't make the plane stand out enough, plus going for the less obvious options was more of a challenge. The camera settings for the car photography at Brooklands Museum were all in manual, this allowed me to under or over expose the light from the Profoto B1, and by careful positioning of the external light source I could highlight the darker areas that were not being highlighted by natural light. I cover a variety of photography courses at Brooklands and 2016 dates will be added soon, also if you have a classic or modern car and would like a bespoke car photography shoot of your pride and joy please contact me for the various options available.
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