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Graduation day is one of the most celebrated days in the IFS University Colleges calendar, and having the event at the impressive Guildhall adds even more to the occasion for students and there families who have traveled from all over the world. The photography brief is to capture the event in a documentary style, also part of the images are to show portraits of a mix of students, these can be used for marketing purposes across a mix of print and digital media. The weather was perfect with a mixture of bright sunshine and some much needed cloud cover for some celebratory group shots post ceremony.

I used natural light for all of the photos, the white stone of the Guildhall is ideal for the single portraits, it acts as a neutral background and allows plenty of negative space for text overlays and banners for marketing purposes. Two cameras fitted with the 135mm prime lens and 24-700mm, this was used purely for the exterior building and group photographs for the graduation photography in London. The day ended with afternoon tea and lunch in the library of the Guildhall where friends and family could relax after an eventful graduation ceremony.
BLOG 2015