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The event took place at the school of digital arts and engineering Jennison building, the event was open to past students, lecturers, professors and there families and showed how the world has progressed since the mid 1960's. With over three hundred visitors on site during the day there was plenty to photograph, this included robots, cycling machine smoothie makers, remote control cars and lectures in the afternoon. The right reverend Dr Tom Butler gave the closing lecture to a packed out audience, he was a former chaplain and lecturer in electronics at Kent University between 1973 to 1980. His talk gave an insight in to his career and also his frequent spots on BBC radio.

The event closed with a drinks reception and provided some fond memories for the former students that were at Kent University in the mid 60's and was an insight to the future for the children that had turned up to see what the University had to offer in technology for the future. I used the 50mm 1.2 lens throughout, perfect for the close up situations and with the busy backgrounds the shallow depth of field helped to close in more on the main subjects, being a smaller lens it also looks discreet.
BLOG 2015