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Salon Prive classic and super car weekend takes place at the historic Blenheim Palace this weekend, 3rd to 5th September. Thursday was the Concours d'Elegance and with the show in its tenth year all of the rarest and most beautiful cars ever made were on display. The stunning backdrop enhanced the cars even more and made the car photography an absolute pleasure, with lobster and champagne flowing every one who attended had a great time, the weather held up for most of the day with the occasional shower here and there.

I arrived at 8am in the morning to get my press pack and to have a look around before the doors opened to the public, I haven't seen such an amazing display of cars in one arena, the Barkways Ferrari team have just spent three years restoring a Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta, with its race pedigree it easily won the GT drivers track and back award. The best in show was awarded to Kurt Engelhorn and his XK 120 Jabbeke which in 1953 broke the land speed record of 173.159 mph, achieved on Belgiums Jabbeke motorway. New super car and hyper cars were on display including the astonishing Zenvo with its 1104 bhp supercarged and turbocharged engine. Easy to forget but there were Carrera GT's, F40, Enzo's and all other stunning cars at the Palace. I covered the car photography at the event with two cameras, 16-35mm wide zoom and the 70-200mm telephoto lenses for the candids and distant images of the cars as they done a parade around the grounds of Blenheim.
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