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Today the portrait photography I covered was with two of the MFW staff and Tim from TG Agri who specialise in maintaining farming machinery, this can be off site at a moments notice due to the importance of the farmers short window to make the most of the time available to gather there crops. Tim was at his base in Lenham where his workshop was thinking morning and had managed to get a clients combine harvester, the majority of cars I photograph can run in to six to seven figures but the year old machine that was on site today brand new comes in at £700,000.

The weather was overcast but dry and with some atmospheric cloud cover, I used the 16-35mm lens as I wanted to cover a mix of angles to show the size of the combine, off camera flash was used to great effect as in manual mode I underexposed to give a small fill in with the flash to light Tim, this was very much a case of making the subject a part of the portrait where the combine was just as important a part of the whole image.
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