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The BMW M4 has recently seen another version in the form of a convertible, with its twin turbo three litre engine providing 425 bhp this isn't a soft top for just cruising around town. I have driven the M4 coupe and it took a while to get used to its soundtrack and immense power, the car has had some negative press on its initial release but it is still the one to beat, something that Mercedes haven't been able to do with the new C63 AMG. The weather was dry and although no sunshine was round it was still warm enough to have the top down, the cars stability hasn't been compromised with the foldaway roof and allows you to hear more of the gruff engine note.

The car I had was in mineral grey with red leather, it works and with the carbon ceramic brakes the cars stopping power is immense, fair to say that around £7,000 for this option is excessive unless you are going to be taking it around the track on a regular basis. The M4 is a serious sports coupe with super car power, bare in mind the M3 starts at around £56,000 and even with a few options it is a great value for money car with all of that performance on tap. The addition of the heads up display is a great feature, I was looking at it all the time with no reads for the other instruments, surely this will be standard on most cars soon as it keeps your eyes on the road with all of the vital info, including navigation directions.

The track day as you can read further down in the blg was as eve great to photograh and be a part of, and glad to day the drive in the M4 was just as much fun. Big thank you to Broad Oak Ashford BMW for the loans of the car, I'd personally opt for the four door M3, bit more practicality and it just looks a little more balanced.
BLOG 2015