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The first exhibition we viewed was in Kensington to see the Travel Photographer of the year, the venue was the Royal Geographical Society and as well as having images inside there was also a large selection in the picturesque gardens at the rear of the building. As usual the quality and diversity of the travel photography was brilliant, with entries from all over the world the use of lighting, composition and subject was showing photography at its very best. Next stop was a Vivian Meier street photography exhibition at Beetles and Huxley, the photos had only recently come to light and captured the true essence of black and white candid photography.

After a spot of lunch it was then off to the National Gallery where the BP portrait award exhibition was on, not photography this time but paintings, although some of them were so realistic you could have sworn they were photographs. Also as we traveled on foot from Kensington to Trafalgar we captured some images of London on the way, most impressive was the sculpture installation in the courtyard of the Royal Academy of Arts and also the "Gift Horse" sculpture that is in Trafalgar Square, this skeletal piece of art has a ribbon shaped electronic ticker tied to its left leg which shows live data from the London stock exchange.

As it was a social trip I took along the discreet Fuji 100S, limited with the 35mm equivalent lens but makes you work a bit harder, especially when taking some street photography images in a busy London.
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