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The trip to the Evo triangle is one that fellow car enthusiasts are always talking about, as much as European roads are aplenty to have rolling hills with fine stretches of tarmac and scenery on our doorstep is a pilgrimage worth taking in the UK, apart from the laughable motorways en route, M25, M40 full of roadworks with no one working on them severely delayed our journey, plus taking an hour to get out of Cobham services on the M25 didn't help at all. We arrived in Wales early evening and were greeted by the Severn bridge, from here on traffic jams were a thing of the past, our second coffee stop was also a chance for Martin to check the levels on his1991 Alfa Rome Spider, the car looks stunning and having owned the classic Italian soft top since late last year it hasn't put a foot wrong since. I bucked the trend with my modern hot hatch, the BMW M135i, 20 BHP more then Martin's classic but between us we were having justas much fun as the other, especially when we hit the A470 to our base in Dolgellau.

Although the evening was drawing in the stretch of the A470 kept us awake, undulating roads with sweeping bends that were like a roller coarser, I was in front and could see the layout of the road from the sat nag, it looked like a stage of the Monte Carlo rally. We knew that we would be using part of the road on the way back home on Sunday and to drive it in the early hours of the morning in daylight was going to be another highlight.

We were greeted with a warm welcome from the owners of Plas Gwyn bed and breakfast in the village of Dolgellau, a good base to explore some coastal routes and the Evo triangle, made famous by Evo magazine as it is a proving ground when they are testing performance cars plus it also provides a great backdrop for car photography.

Saturday and after hearty full english breakfast we set off to the triangle, three roads that make up a series of roads that combine some testing stretches of tarmac and some of the best scenery you can imagine, you could quiet easily base this area as an ideal spot for some landscape photography, but this weekend was about the cars. The Alfa with the top down looked glorious in my rear view mirror, the weather was on our side as well in the mid 20's. I had contacted Evo photographer Dean Smith the day before about the best spot to photograph cars and he sent the GPS co-ordinates to a spot just off of the triangle, he mentioned that it was difficult to photograph around the route and this was the only drawback for me, nowhere really to pull over and get some of that stunning scenery, unless you take a long walk. The spot we found was quiet and provided rolling hills, snake like bends and some great backdrops of mountains, lakes and blue skies.

Either side of our photo shoot I had some spirited drives against a Porsche Boxster S and a Focus RS, sounded like he was lost on a rally stage with his exhaust snarling and spitting on downshifts. The Beemer was glorious and surprised the Porsche owner with its pace, it made for a great afternoon. The coastal road through Conwy is more dual carriageway but the castle really is stunning, wished we had time to explore it more but on a return visit in the future it will be on the list. Back to Dolgellau early evening and we had a really good meal at Y Sospan bistro, it dates back to the 17th century and was a courthouse with cells. The steak, wine and cheese board were a great end to an exhilarating days driving and set us up for the drive back home tomorrow.

We decided on a scenic route back to Kent and left the Plas Gwyn bed and breakfast promising to return next year, the rooms, food and hosts were fantastic and with plans to extend there accommodation in 2016 I can't recommend it enough, whether its a driving or walking holiday you are after it is the perfect base. Again we hit the A470 and it didn't disappoint with long stretches of rolling roads descending in to the valleys, other A roads took us in to some sleepy Welsh villages before we entered in to the Cotswolds, the surfaces weren't as smooth and flowing but the scenery was still full of charm and character.
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