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The Canon Pro Network experience days are created for professional photographers to network with other industry experts and also to try out the latest kit that is on offer. The day was split in to two halves, the morning session with UK fashion photographer Tony Wellington and the afternoon with German fashion photographer Jorg Kyas who is one of Canon's explorer photographers. Two professional models, Petra and Grace were on hand as well providing some strong contrast against the Mastershipwrights house that was the venue for todays fashion photography event in London.

The house near greenwich has a selection of large rooms with interesting decor and prop, wonderful pieces of antique furniture, exposed plaster walls, stone floors, large staircases. extensive grounds with river views. The time flew by with Tony and Jorg setting up various scenarios with the models, these incorporated artificial light by means of speed lites, constant running daylight and flash systems. It is always interesting to see how other photographers set up and compose there images, with around twenty photographers in each group it was a busy day and getting your own images was very much off the cuff, much like a normal days shooting. Just to keep things simple I took the 1DX and 70-200mm lens, my favourite bit of kit for fashion photography. Other equipment was on hand to use and from what I saw of the 5DS it gave very faithful reproduction of skin tones and depth to the overall image.

If you would like to cover fashion photography yourself then I am running a course at Brooklands Museum on Sunday 18th October, there will be three models and a group of no more then six photographers. The course is all day and includes lunch, priced at £150 it is a great opportunity to add some stunning model portraits to your portfolio. Please look at the training section for further details.
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