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The BMW i8 has all the characteristics of a full-blooded sports car with its long wheelbase, short overhangs and a solid posture. The entire shape and form of the i8 follows the BMW i design philosophy, creating a unique connection between ground-breaking sustainability and premium design. Including the ‘black belt’, an unmistakeable design element that runs from the front, over the roof, to the rear in all BMW i models. So when Broad Oak BMW decided to have there new demonstrator wrapped in Ferrari Red it was a gamble as to whether it would work, I think you will agree with the black styling it contrasts superbly and makes the car stand out even more.

The location for the car photography was the Tower House venue situated in the Westgate Gardens in the centre of Canterbury, the red i8 stood out against the building and gave a great contrast of old and new. The big wow factor of the car is the Dihedral doors, with there scissor style opening it sets the car out from the competition. Lighting was with the Profoto B1 flash, giving a range of up to 300 meters allows great flexibility over your positioning. I sued two lenses, 70-200mm which is perfect to eliminate refelctions and also the 24-70mm to get some wider and also close up detail images of the amazing BMW i8. Many thanks to Tower House for providing the venue and Broad Oak BMW for the loan of the stunning i8.
BLOG 2015