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Over the last few days I have been commissioned to photograph a selection of students, these were highlighted as they have achieved recognition outside of there hectic work schedule at Univeristy and raised awareness is a variety of different areas. Two of the subjects, Billy Has been involved in raising money for charity by a series of marathons and other sporting activities, April has covered a series of events including a silent protest to promote racial equality.

As the students were being photographed either side of the graduation ceremony time was limited, this meant that the Cathedral grounds were the location for the portraits in Canterbury. Billy had some friends with home and this made for some celebratory group photos along with some stand alone images using the Catheredral as a backdrop. April and her family were present, with an array of colours on display the group photos really stood out against the warm hues of the Cathedral. As April had been raising awareness of mixed cultures placing her among a busy crowd of people worked as a slightly differnt portrait, the large queue of families going in to the graduation provided the foreground framing for the final image.
BLOG 2015