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The IFS University implements various courses based ion financial education through schools across the United Kingdom, the photography and filming was based in two locations at schools in Hertfordshire, these were VerVerulam and the John Warner schools. The photography and video would be used for the IFS website, brochures and promotional materials to promote educating pupils at an early stage. A video crew was filming the events of the day as well as interviewing people throughout the day, my brief was to capture the days activities along with portraits of the students and teachers.

I ha worked with the film crew on a few occasions now and was mindful of where they were filming, it was a relaxed day with some good debates about the financial state of the world, this worked well for the photographs and gave the pupils a chance to engage with the teachers and forget about the cameras around the class rooms. The IFS course has been successful as one pupil now has a placement with the Royal Bank of Scotland, the introduction of the IFS programme was instrumental in her gaining this position.
BLOG 2015