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Our base for the road trip was Sermersheim which is south of Strasbourg and only a thirty minute drive away from the Cité de l’Automobile, a French car museum that has the best collection of Bugatti's in the world. The car museum was out first port of call, founded by the Schlumpf brothers who amassed over 520 vehicles over the years in a cloud of secrecy. The museum was open to the public in the early 1980's and is now listed as a National Heritage site by the French government. The collection includes a motor racing grid that includes Type 35 Bugatti's and pre-war GP cars from Mercedes and Maserati.

The museum houses three Type 41 "Royale"s: two of the original six Royales plus a replica of the Esder Royale created at the Schlumpf brothers' workshops from genuine Bugatti spare parts. Few of the cars on display are in running order, although the old Schlumpf restoration shop, abandoned after they fled in 1977, is being revived to begin working again on the museum's cars. The collection must be the most expensive in the world under one roof, with the Bugatti Royale estimated around £40 million, not that any of these would ever be sold.

The second day and a trip to Strasbourg, it sits in the Alsace region and is only a stones throw from the German border. Its medieval past makes it one of the most picturesque places I have visited in Europe, sitting on a stretch of water that surrounds most of the town. The gothic cathedral is a stunning piece of architecture, with 330 steps taking you to the top with some stunning birds eye views of the surrounding streets and buildings, including the European Union quarter with its modern glass structures, a real compromise to the crooked half timbered houses.

Day three and a hop over to the German border for an early morning drive on some of the most perfect roads you could only dream of in the UK, no pot holes, traffic or restrictions, pure Petrol Head heaven. Back in to France and on the stretch back to Calais we stopped off mid way to Reims, this is the home of the historic French Grand Prix circuit that surrounds the small villages just a stones throw away from the Cathedral town. This has been a tradition over the years so a few photos of my BMW and Al's Focus ST took place before we set back off on the motor way to Calais.

A perfect few days away and some epic driving made for a relaxing time, Sermersheim was a great base to stay and highly recommended, fresh pastries on the doorstep and the Alsace region is stunning in terms of scenery and architecture. I traveled light with the Fuji 100S, the perfect travel camera which still astound some with its quality. Next stop in the Summer is a road trip to the Evo triangle in Wales.
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