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This evening I covered the final dress rehearsal of Canterbury Christ Church Universities drama departments end of term production of Cabaret. The play is set in 1930's Berlin and the students performances were superb, realistic German and American accents gave a real sense of being in the Kit Kat club where singing and dancing took place throughout the two hour performance. The set design also added to the atmosphere of the seedy club where the story took place.

As well as stills video was being used to capture the key moments of the play, with this in mind I stayed to the right of stage on the front row, 70-200mm and 16-35mm lenses gave a mix of tight cropped images of the performers plus the 16mm end showed the set in all its splendour. Stage lighting is always tricky to get right, so using manual settings is the best route, sometimes under exposing by up two 2 stops to over exposing by 1 stop deepening on ho bright or dark the lighting is.

The Cabaret performances take place on Wednesday, Thurday, Friday and Saturday this week. More details can be found at
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