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The national ‘cheers to beer’ took place at 12.15pm on Monday, June 15, chosen as it was the date in 1215 that the Magna Carta was sealed, the historic document which established the rule of law and also defined the traditional pint of ale: “There shall be but one Measure throughout the Realm”. Beer Day Britain’s organisers started a trend on Twitter with the hashtag #CheersBDB and photos of people raising their beer glass.
Shepherd Neame joined in the celebrations, with staff at the brewery in Faversham, Kent, gathering for a communal toast. Licensees and managers at pubs across its estate also rang their Last Orders bells at 12.15pm and encouraged customers to raise a glass to Beer Day Britain.

I used a variety of positions to capture the staff and also the Shepherd Neame clock tower, this was critical as it showed the time and also the brewery name. The 16-35mm and 15mm fisheye lenses came in to there own today, the 15mm especially as it gave a quirkier look to the image which will make it stand out for the press and other social media outlets.
BLOG 2015