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The car photography and fashion courses have been running at the historic location of Brooklands Musuem for just under five years now, todays car course had a Best of British theme to it. The cars on display for the photographers to capture were Aston DB5 and DB9, the old and new Bond cars, Jaguar E Types, Morgan, Caterham, De Lorean and a Jaguar engined Ronard. The weather was perfect and the aim of these courses is to photograph some iconic cars in the grounds of Britain's firs motor racing circuit. The Museum also has a history of aviation and to capture a DB5 and E Type under the nose of Concorde was one of the shots of the day for the attendees.

Today eight photographers attended, all with varying degrees of ability, from novices through to landscape photographers the courses have a real mix of attendees. I had three people who had been on numerous courses before and it is always great to see there improvement over the years. It was great to see just a classic range of cars along with the more modern DB9 and although it is now deemed a classic the futuristic De Lorean, the sun really picked out the stunning finish of the cars exterior.

The next car photography course at Brooklands is on Sunday 13th September, places are limited so please contact me for availability.
BLOG 2015