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Thomas was keen to get back in to modelling and with my fashion photography courses at Brooklands Museum always having female models participate he would make a good addition to the forthcoming courses. The model portfolio photography took place at my office based at the Innovation Centre, plenty of scope for some studio style images and also some location shots as well. I used the Profoto B1 flash to light the portraits outside, also I wanted to show different times of day, the centre image was taken at 4pm but by underexposing the sky and using the light as a fill in it gives the impression of an early evening shot. I particularly liked the way the Innovation centre building frames the right side of the image.

As with most of my portrait photography I used the 70-200mm lens, B1 flash and a lighting stand. A variety of settings were used in manual mode with the depth of field around F4, low ISO of 50-100 and fast shutter speeds to compensate for the shallow depth of field being used.
BLOG 2015