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The University of Kent's Employability Points scheme rewards students for active engagement in extracurricular activities during their time at the University encourages students to stand out to prospective employers in the process. The 2010-2011 pilot scheme saw over 1,000 students and 30 companies engaged and 70 students being rewarded. Building on this success, the 2011-2012 scheme saw nearly 2,000 students and 86 companies engaged and 282 rewards offered. For 2012-13, nearly 2,500 students got involved in the scheme alongside 110 sponsoring companies.

Last year, over 3,700 students got involved in the scheme and many obtained work based rewards from corporate sponsors such as Coca Cola Enterprises and Enterprise rent-a-car. Working closely with large corporations and local SMEs, the Employability Points scheme offers students to gain experience in a variety of backgrounds, such as accounting, logistics, business management, hospitality, marketing and PR and publishing.

The award photography this evening took place at the Grimond building and incorporated the networking sessions, talks from business associates who had taken part in the EP scheme and also group photos of the award winners on the night. The photographs will be used on the dedicated Employability Points website, local press and social media outlets.
BLOG 2015