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East Kent College recently celebrated its best Ofsted results ever, which places them among the top performing colleges in the UK. The Dover campus is located right in the town centre with a cruise terminal, the Port of Dover, the Channel Tunnel, cross channel ferries, the headquarters of major travel companies, several major tourist attractions, Eurostar and continental Europe, all within easy reach.

With tourism on the doorstep the colleges recently renovated classroom has a security checks in facility as well as a cabin of a plane with seating and windows set up. The engineering section has just been completed with brand new machinery for the students to use, today was very much about getting student involvement with teachers to come across in the photographs. One area that is really impressive at the Dover campus as well is the motoring area, this has just been kitted out with the latest mobile computer units and with plenty of bays on offer allows the students to work on a variety of motor vehicles.

The mix of education photographs at the Dover campus meant that using two cameras with the 16-35mm and 70-200mm lenses, the wider zoom showed the facilities with the students working in them with the zoom getting some detailed images and tighter framing of the students working in the different environments.
BLOG 2015